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Customer Guide

What’s the deadline for the production of the corset?

As it is a 100% handwork and exclusively customized, the average deadline of each piece is of 30 to 45 days from the order confirmation date and it varies according to the complexity of the chosen model.

The deadline can be different for Customized Development and Brides. As in these cases the orders are made through an individualized service, the deadlines are determined case by case.

What is the delivery deadline?

For international orders check the exact deadline with us.

How can I pay?


Does the company accept orders from overseas?

Yes, we do take orders from overseas. In average, the deliveries are made in until eight working days in Europe and the USA.

We also count on personalized assistance in English. Besides the payment possibilities available, one can also opt for paying through PayPal system.

Is it possible to pick up the order at the atelier?

It is possible to place your order online and pick it up at our Atelier. You only need to point out your option when placing your order.

It is also possible to place your order directly at our Atelier. In order to schedule an appointment, you just need to get in touch contato.

How is the corset shipped?

Nossas peças são enviadas em caixas exclusivas da marca e acompanham folder informativo.

As caixas são embaladas discretamente para envio pelo Correio.