Collection - Memento Mori - Rose Sathler
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Memento Mori

The Memento Mori Collection’s theme focuses on the aesthetic figure of human finitude, its literary signs and mythical personifications.

Weaving together various references-such as the Mexican catrinas, ornaments of funereal architecture and works from essential artists such as writer Leo Tolstoi and filmmaker Ingmar Bergman-, the Collection ambles through the particularitites of such peculiar universe, in that it evokes the singularity and strength of its representation for human condition.

Elementary figure of grief, loss and fugacity of life, but also maximal symbol of transformation, the theme of death is evoked in the pieces as a current element, leitmotiv or just a historiographic modality, a motive that revives and drives the individual, much beyond earthly boundaries, toward the center of his cravings.

The Memento Mori Collection embodies, in its own manner, a poetic compendium on inevitability and, amidst the eddy of feelings that it evokes, clothes us with our main and most forgotten yearning: transcendency.