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The Brand

The Brand

A Rose Sathler – Alta Corseteria arose from the craving for the revival of corset production through an artistic and current gaze. The usage of haute couture techniques by means of exclusive and selected materials are credentials of this brand that treasures the development of authentic and high-standard pieces.

Spearheading the national corsetry scenery, Rose Sathler kicked off her career in 2005 with the Black Cat Corsets – label, that for ten years was a reference in the market and acquired prominence in diverse media. In the course of its existence, the brand served clients throughout Brazil and other Latin American countries, not to mention Europe and the US.

In 2011 the corsetiere launchedRose Sathler – Alta Corseteria. . With a more encompassing proposition, the brand has devoted itself to the revival of historical production methods in such a manner so as to adapt and establish new foundations for the contemporary woman’s needs and wishes. Such concepts are reflected in the refinement of the piece’s esthetic content, manufactured with sophistication and exclusiveness.

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