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Corsetry has achieved great prominence in the course of Bride Clothing History . Surely, the romance evoked by the piece makes the corset an element which is always present in the propositions for brides in the works of great fashion designers throughout Fashion History. We believe that compositions that involve the corset are always atemporal, be they in more traditional formats or in deconstructions.

Our brides count on the savoir faire of the whole atelier: under the designer and corsetiere Rose Sathler’s signature, each garment is developed with the aid of the best materials. silks, laces, crystals, accessories and exclusive fabrics mingle to constitute brand new creations, reflecting each bride’s personality and individual desires.

The corset is the basis and the differential in the  proposition signed by Rose Sathler. The brides can still count on the exclusive dressing service of our corsetiere. In this case, all the costs related to transfer, accomodation and fees should be the client’s responsibility. 

your day, your corset, our exclusive service

About the membership fee
The Membership Fee is of R$300,00 that should be paid when the project is requested. The whole value of the Membership Fee will be refunded through an automatic deduction in the purchase final value. This way the client won’t pay any additional value for the pieces originated through the Bride Project development.

The Membership Fee offers rights over one more sketch. All possible designs will be part of one study that corresponds to the production of one single look. A corresponding value will be charged for the development of two or more projects.

The creation service for brides is constituted by the following processes:



Briefing Analysis

Color Palette Elaboration

Sketch Elaboration

Material Assessment

Sketch and Material Presentation

Cost Estimate

First payment (through bank deposit)
or Full Payment in Instalments (Credit Card)

Production Period

Final presentation


  through pictures sent through e-mail

Second Payment


  (In case the payment option is bank deposit)