Black Satin twill Underbust with rosé/nude bone casings and chantilly lace - Rose Sathler
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Black Satin twill Underbust with rosé/nude bone casings and chantilly lace

Produced in satin twill and with French lace application, this Underbust, whose design is inspired in the boudoir universe, can be considered a luxurious piece of lingerie.

This corset’s modeling contains elongated hips in Edwardian style; the back panels are also more elongated than the conventional ones.

The piece is indicated for women who want to have more support for the flank area and for the back (area below the bra).

The structure made from orthopedic bones strategically placed around the corset allows the pressure exerted by the piece to be distributed in a uniform manner, except for the waistline area where it is deliberately more substantial, a resource that enhances comfort.

As it is made in cotton, it is a light piece that also brings thermal well-being: it is made for every season of the year.

Its durability is guaranteed through reinforcements applied internally in the structure of the piece.

It comes with the Smart Liner, an exclusive Rose Sathler – Alta Corseteria accessory, which has the function of protecting the whole skin from the contact with the corset and enhancing practicity in the moment of putting on the piece.


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